Thursday, July 29, 2010

Forgive me for being Creative!

Everyone knows it's wrong to steal.  I do.  But apparently, I crossed that fine line between stealing and being creative.  My "Hardley Walking" design was by intent clearly a whimsical nod to the famous Harley-Davidson logo.  I was careful to change the dimensions, and of course the wording.  Personally, I thought it was cute.  
But, the trademark people at Harley-Davidson thought the design was close enough that they deamed it a threat. Initially, I got a stinging email that basically spelled out the copywrite laws and then asked that I stop selling "counterfeit" products.  Counterfeit!?

Surely people don't think that a company like Harley-Davidson could come up with something that silly! And then sell it on Etsy for so little.
Rest assured there is a person in every large company that keeps people from doing just that.  And you know what..that's fine with me.  The law is the law.
Sorry Harley..consider my hand slapped.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nothing like Good Blog Advertisement..and Free!

Check out the blog below..

rhoadworks: Thank you Star Trek

rhoadworks: Thank you Star Trek: "Last week my husband was 'cruising' channels on tv. He landed on an old Star Trek the Next Generation episode. Now mind you, when we were ..."

Thank you Star Trek

Last week my husband was "cruising" channels on tv.  He landed on an old Star Trek the Next Generation episode.  Now mind you, when we were dating, we used to gather round the tv room in his dorm and watch the original Star Trek. So, the "Next Generation" was never quite up to par with us.  But, I have to say, we watched it, and enjoyed it.  How can you not enjoy anything Star Trek!
I make Yellow, Red and Blue versions..even made bibs for a while.
The Red is by far the most popular!
I sold out of the bibs in a week!
Personally, I like the "Glitter" badge the best. I like anything that has glitter on it!
A couple of years ago, my niece wanted me to make a Star Trek themed onesie for a baby shower gift.  It was about that time a new Star Trek movie came out.  I did, and the rest is history, as far as my sales go. Even now, it's one of my best sellers.  I'll try to post some comments..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What Designs to Keep..I Really Like Them All

How many is too many?  I come up with designs all the time.  I have over 90 on my web site ( right now.  And I still have designs I've never printed yet.  About the time I think "no one has ever bought this's time to remove it", someone ups and buy it!  So, I hate to let any of them go.  But who wants to wade through so many designs? 
Thankfully, Etsy allows my to have "Sections" on my site.  So I can at least group some of my designs together.  For example; Girls, Boys, etc.  I even have a section for personalized license plate, and Animal brother and sisters! 
Some of my cutest designs don't fall into any category.  They're just themselves.  Like "Mama's Milk Shack", or my long tongued "Frog". 
I've been familiar with my designs for years, but I have to remember that to my customers, they're all new.  So, I think I'll keep them all...

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Customer Made My Day

Good news; I a customer bought two of my onesies (see above), Bad News; I forgot to include the shipping and handling fee on the listing.  And, wouldn't you know it, a lucky customer ordered not one of the onesies, but two.  And..the onesies were on sale.  So it was quite a good deal.  I realized the mistake and corrected it, and sent the customer a thank you for your order email. 
This morning I got an email from that customer.  It was a money transfer for $3.00! My normal shipping and handling fee.  I was not only thrilled, but so happy to find that there are people out there that "do the right thing".  I really and truly didn't expect it.  After all, I was the one who left off the postage. 
It is customers like this that make working in my own small business worth it.  It just makes me want to "pay it forward" whenever I can.  And, it makes me feel good too.   

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Inspiration straight from the baby's mouth

You never know where your design ideas will come from.  My grandson Oliver had a cranky last couple of nights.  As it turns out..he was busting out some new teeth.  He already has four sharp ones.  If you're brave enough to stick your finger in his out!  So, I came up with a new design for my baby tee shirts "I'm Teething..You've been warned." I think it's cute..but we'll see how my customers feel.  What do you all think?  Take to everyone tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Hot Day

It was so hot today, that all I got accomplished was a trip to the post office.  Six cute twin onesies are on their way to a gift shop in Michigan that sells my stuff on consignment. 
I did get organized.. see the pic?  Helps me to know what all I have.  But as always, I need more space.  Adding Toddler tee shirts to my line means more sizes and colors. 
Tomorrow I'll be busy with my favorite guy..Oliver. He's the inspiration for several of my designs, I'll show you!  

Great Eco Baby Shower Gift

I think this is the cutest baby shower gift.  Pefect for "new to the world" babies.  I don't know were the graphic came from, but it's very similar to my "Save the Planet for Me" onesie.  I painted mine a while back and didn't know how I'd use the design.  But since the "world" has become endangered these last few years, I decided to make a statement. 
For a worldly design "I'm New Here" by Funkymonkeythreads is perfect.. check it out.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Am I ready to Blog?

Well, I've worked on this Blog page off and on all day.  Can anyone tell me if it looks ok?  I will, at some point learn how to insert a slide show.  For some reason the instructions just don't gel in my brain. 
I have two gift shops that I consign my onesies and tees in.  Both of them are in Michigan.  I don't know much about Michigan..but I can tell you that there are some babies that are wearing some really cute custom Rhoadwork onesies and tees!!

Tomorrow is another day.  I will probably work on some new designs... and I'll continue to blog on. 

My first "Blog" Day

I've decided to start a blog. I already send out a daily email to all my family and friends. It's second nature to let them know, every morning, what I've been up to.
So, I thought..why not apply the same principle to my Rhoadworks store? I'd like to know what everyone out there thinks of my designs, ideas, and just the day to day processes of owning my own store. And believe me, I'd welcome any feedback.
And, to be quite frank, I'd like to show off my Rhoadworks store too. I've got some pretty cute stuff that I've designed. And I want everyone to see them and hopefully buy them.
It's important to me to do all I can to promote small businesses. I make a habit of using locally owned businesses, exterminators, electricians, etc., when I can. And maybe when someone needs cute, unique baby clothes, they'll think of Rhoadworks.