Monday, December 20, 2010

My Christmas Craft show experience

I have two craft shows under my belt now. And a lesson learned.  Winter Craft shows can be very "iffy".  Both shows were internal company shows.  That is, not public, but for company employees.  the first show was not advertized very well.  So not many people knew about it.  
The second show was better.  But the weather didn't cooperate.  Snow and ice shut down the city and the buyers.  So not many sales occurred. I got a lot of "I'll go get my money", or "I'll just look around and come back".  But I don't regret a thing. 
In preparing for the two shows, I got my inventory organized, made a new sign, and got everything packaged.  I'm now ready for any upcoming Craft show.  
And the people..I love the people.  I love talking to the customers and the crafters.  It's such a great thing to have in common...creativity.  I don't care if your craft is simple or silly.  To create something, put it on display for the public to judge, and then hope for sales.  That takes guts.  
I many not want a goofy bottle stopper or a piece of beaded jewelry, but I sure admire what it takes to get it there.  
I'll just say that I'm looking forward to Spring for more than just the sunshine.  People are happier, and the weather is great for craft fairs.  Customers are renewed and ready to shop. 
Spring Craft I come.   

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Back in the Craft Show Saddle Again

It's been almost two years since I participated in a craft show. And next week I'll be in two! The opportunity came up and I decided to go for it. First of all I love being in craft shows. The people are the best. And talk about a boost to your's guaranteed to make you feel better.
Having said all that. I'd forgotten how much hard work goes into it. I have in excess of 300 onesies and tees to sell. I've pressed them all, and put them in plastic sleeves. (to keep them clean) Just that has taken me several days.
I wanted some cute baskets lined with fabric to display them in. I was in for a financial surprise when I priced those things. I need at least 8 and they were around $10.00 each. Ouch. So..I found some cute fabric and "cuffed" the clear plastic shoe boxes that I use to store my garments in. Bingo! It's super cute, and cost less than $30.00.
I also needed a sign. I had a piece of foam board the right size. So I covered it in some of the "cute" fabric, got some wooden letters, painted them, glued them down, and Wha La! A sign.
I dug around and found my old tableclothes I used to use to cover my plastic tables. I washed them today and tomorrow I'll iron them.
I'm just about ready. I want to press some extra Christmas designs. I'm selling my inventory from when I was "Twin Sisters Ink".  So most of my garment designs are one of a kind.  Not a lot of multiples.  But, I do want to have several sizes available for some of my more popluar designs.  That will take some time too.

Tuesday was Oliver's (my grandson) first birthday.  And I babysat him today.  So for the next three days I need to put my nose to the grindstone.

The show is on Monday and then I have another one on Thursday.  Maybe my hard work will pay off.  I'll have a little Jingle in my pocket and I won't have so many garments to store.  But mostly I'm looking forward to just being in a craft show again.