Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rhoadworks is Back Again..

Several months ago I had to have shoulder surgery.  I never intended to ignore my blog.  But time goes by fast and I simply got busy. 
Good things really do come out of bad sometimes.  For instance.  I am going to get a new heat press.  The one I use now, and for the past 6 years, is a hand press.  It's not hard to use and I've loved it.  But I guess after so many years, things wear out.  Like my shoulder.  
I had to close my shop for almost two weeks.  It almost killed me to not work on customers orders.  But, I opened back up and between physical therapy sessions, I kept up with the orders.  It's amazing how many things you can learn to do with your left hand!
I am researching what kind of "automatic" press to get.  And I can't wait.  It will allow me more time to design and work. 
I love the way these Crows look on Black and White onesies and tees.

Super Heroes are still a hot item.  I'm looking forward to a busy Halloween season.  I have lots more Toddler Tee sizes and colors now.  
 My dogs are growing in numbers too.
 They continue to be popular.
I have even started working with customers pet photos.  Here are three that I did recently.  Love them!

Well, I'll sign off with a promise to be back soon.