Monday, November 12, 2012

Strategy for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I've decided to really try an participate in the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday foray.  Frankly, I typically just depend on the "Holiday Spirit" and a few online sales to get my site numbers up.  But I think it's time I offer my customers something more.  
Here's my strategy.  I'm going to offer Free Gift Wrapping, Free Gift Card, and Free Gift 2nd Party Shipping.  I'm also going to offer, for a price, Upgraded Shipping.  
After all, that would entice me if I were trying to find a gift online.  
After doing some Etsy Blog and Forum reading, I realized that tweaking some of my photos may not be a bad idea either. Some of those photos were taken 4 years ago, with a fairly cheap digital camera.  Why not put my best foot, and onesie, forward.  
As if that weren't enough, I keep getting requests to do more and more breeds of dogs.  Hey, I'm thankful.  My only problem is that there aren't enough hours in a day.  
My dogs are overrunning Rhoadworks.  Somehow I need to work them into their own little niche.  I'm thinking that an upscale Pet Boutique may be interested in selling them.  
After Thanksgiving, and Christmas..and when those extra hours show up.. I'll pop my head in a few dog boutiques and give my Dogs a whirl.    Here are my latest..
  Yes.. I do a kitty here and there.