Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thankful for November..But now it's December!

Granted..I've been busy.  And I am not a consistent Blogger.  But when I checked my Blog I was embarrassed to see that my last post was about Halloween!  I did like most of the retailers.. I jumped past Halloween and went straight to Christmas.  Sorry about that.  I'll just have to get into the habit of posting to my blog.
This last month there have been ups and downs.  
I have received the most wonderful praise from some of my customers.  When I thanked my customers for their business and support on my site, I really meant it.  You have no idea what a few kind and sincere words can do for a business owner.  Or anyone for that matter. Instantly you feel like you are making a contribution.  Like you are doing something worthwhile.  Like your time is not wasted. 

Just last week a little restaurant up the street went out of business.  I really loved that restaurant.  I tried to make a point of going in at least once a month.  But, my husband decided he didn't like the food that much.  So for a long while we just didn't go.  Now that small business, that was owned by a group of regular people, is out of business.  Makes me wish I'd gone in for lunch just a few more times.  You never know if it would have made a difference.  
So..I guess my  message is to support small businesses when you can.  That parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents find me and buy my onesies and tee shirts...makes me so happy.

There are some glitches along the way.  Just this week I am replacing a onesie with a tee.  A communication slip. But I never mind making a customer happy.  It's part of this business as far as I'm concerned.  Another customer washed a newly purchased onesie to find that the design ended up with spots on it.  In 4 years, that has never happened.  Of course, I'm replacing the garment.  And I'll want to do some hands on research on that one
Ok..the fun part.  New designs!  Here are a few of my newer and way older designs that I'm going to add to my site.  They may not all make the cut..we'll see.