Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just Two Cute

I was inspired to do a Batman and Robin themed onesie set.  Needless to say the Batman part was easy.  But I never really paid much attention to what Robin wore.  Sorry Robin.  So, when I looked up images, I was happy to find out how very simple it was.
That black circle with a large capital R inside it, isn't that easy to do.  Most R fonts look lopsided inside a circle.  So, I basically made an R myself.

When the simple iconic designs are put on my black and red onesies, they come to life.  And how cute they are together.  

I wish I had a set of little twins to put them in.  (Not to raise.. just to photograph..ha)

Here is the set along with my other Twin designs.  I hope my customers like them, because I sure enjoyed making them.
 Twins are just TWO cute
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