Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Story plus one more Dog.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone.  I remember on this day, in years past, arrangements would be made to meet all our friends at the nearest Mexican restaurant.  We'd gather to talk, party and drink Margarita's.  I know there is a much more historic meaning to this day.  Especially if you're of Mexican descent.  Interesting how society markets holidays. 
Several years ago, I decided to make a Cinco de Mayo design to put on my onesies.  I used my little baby face, added a mustache on him, and put the Mexican flag in the background.  I thought it looked cute.  For a couple of years I sold the design pretty well. 

Then one year a customer bought the design, but asked if I'd correct the flag.  The color sequence should be Green, White, then Red.  Mine was Red, White, Green.  Seems I'd been selling (and my customers had been buying) a Cinco de Mayo design with the French Flag on it!    How embarrassing.  
I immediately corrected the flag.  This year I offered my design about two weeks before May 5th.  I sold exactly zero.  You never know..  Maybe I should change the flag back??

Speaking of all things French.  I recently got a request from a customer to do a French Bulldog.  What a cute breed.  I did some research and found that these pups come in several different color variations.  
My customer sent me a picture of her French Bulldog.  He was black and so cute.  It was really fun working on him.  
Now I want to get busy and do another one.  Maybe a white one.  Or two tone.. anyway, here's how he turned out.