Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good Bye Doggies..Hello Baby Magnolias

It's time to say good bye to the old (things that aren't selling), and say hello to the new (things you hope will sell). 
On my site, my listings expire after 30 days.  It might be longer..I don't remember.  Anyway, when they expire, they drop off your site unless you renew them.  Most times I renew them. 
If my designs get looked at on a fairly regular basis, I renew them.  Even if I haven't sold any.  I'm always shocked at how many times I'm just about to let a design go, and it suddenly sells.  You never know what the public is going to want.
But if a design isn't viewed that many times, I have to realize that it's just not going to sell.  It just kills me that my beloved dog portraits are apparently not going to sell.  At least not on my web site.  I have to admit that I myself would much rather view a print or painting in person before I bought it.
So, as the dog portraits expire, I let them. 
But when a window closes, supposedly another window opens.  Enter my new Baby Magnolia designs.  Recently, I realized I didn't have that many designs for little girls.  I guess my last two grandsons "over" inspired me. 
Here are three of my Baby Magnolia designs..hope you like them!
I decided to come up with some very definite Southern sayings.  I consider myself a Southerner. Almost 15 years in St. Louis was as close to North as I've lived.  I was born in Texas, but have spent more time in Mississippi.  And now I live in North Carolina. 
My granddaughter is a very girly girl.  Pink is very prominent in her 6 year old world.  So I've come up with some cute sayings.   I'm going to pair them with flowers and lots of pink.  So far, I'm pleased with what I've designed.  These will replace the dogs.  And lets hope there are customers out there that can relate to them.  I don't mean to exclude my Northern customers.  But you have to go with what you know.  And I don't know Yankee.  At least not yet..  

Friday, July 22, 2011

Should I call this Blog "DogWorks"?

I can't believe I totally missed June.  I guess it's pretty evident, I'm not a commited blogger.  But each and every time I work on my Rhoadworks site, I notice that it does say "Keep Up with me on my Blog".  I can't even keep up myself! goes.
I have two new dogs to brag about.  I got a request from a customer to do a Vizsla design.  I'm familiar with the breed (I watch dog shows on tv), but you certainly don't see them very often.  They're beautiful dogs.  I found a picture of a group of Vizslas.  I liked the eyes on one of the dogs and chose that one to do.  I think he turned out pretty well. 
I'm alway trying to come up with ways to market my web site and my designs.  I decided I would contact some Pet Boutiques.  My Dog Brother and Sister designs sell way more than any of my others these days. (Harry Potter is next in line)  I emailed 7 boutiques around the country.  As yet, I haven't heard from any of them. But I truly enjoyed looking and ready their web sites.  One of them, based out of Boston had a Boston Terrier as a trademark.  Well, that's all it too.  I began looking for a Boston that I could use for my design.  Boy, are those cute dogs!  I found one and got started.  
Last night I finished my Boston Terrier.  He looks good too.  And I've already gotten quite a few hits on him. 
There are SO many dog breeds to do.  I think my next one will be a poodle.  But..which color should I do.  I'll probably end up doing a white one, black one and maybe apricot.  Now..standard, or toy?  I'd better get busy...