Monday, April 2, 2012

Rhoadworks Welcomes it's first Cat!

It had to happen. You can't have Dogs without Cats.  I really don't know what I was waiting for.  Finally, a customer requested that I do a cat design for her.  I thought a cat would be somewhat more difficult to do than a dog.  What was I thinking?  Cats don't vary as much as dogs do.  There are no Miniature, Standard, or Toy cats. (are there?)  Cats  ears are typically always pointed and up. Not so with dogs.   
When I finished with my Tabby cat, I was thrilled.  I loved it.  I really can't wait to do more.  My hope is that all the cat lovers will find me.  
I have to mention my newest dog.  A Jack Russell terrier.  He turned out so cute.  There are SO many dog breeds out there. Seems as I get one breed done, I realize how many there are left to do.
I met a new friend yesterday while doing yard work.  She has three Lhasa Apso's. (am I spelling that right?)  
While she was talking to me, I was thinking "I haven't done a Lhasa yet!!"  And each of her dogs were a completely different color.  Which one to choose?  Always a problem.
Again, I have to thank my customers for their inspiration.  And thanks for being patient as I decide which kitty or doggie to do next.