Friday, July 22, 2011

Should I call this Blog "DogWorks"?

I can't believe I totally missed June.  I guess it's pretty evident, I'm not a commited blogger.  But each and every time I work on my Rhoadworks site, I notice that it does say "Keep Up with me on my Blog".  I can't even keep up myself! goes.
I have two new dogs to brag about.  I got a request from a customer to do a Vizsla design.  I'm familiar with the breed (I watch dog shows on tv), but you certainly don't see them very often.  They're beautiful dogs.  I found a picture of a group of Vizslas.  I liked the eyes on one of the dogs and chose that one to do.  I think he turned out pretty well. 
I'm alway trying to come up with ways to market my web site and my designs.  I decided I would contact some Pet Boutiques.  My Dog Brother and Sister designs sell way more than any of my others these days. (Harry Potter is next in line)  I emailed 7 boutiques around the country.  As yet, I haven't heard from any of them. But I truly enjoyed looking and ready their web sites.  One of them, based out of Boston had a Boston Terrier as a trademark.  Well, that's all it too.  I began looking for a Boston that I could use for my design.  Boy, are those cute dogs!  I found one and got started.  
Last night I finished my Boston Terrier.  He looks good too.  And I've already gotten quite a few hits on him. 
There are SO many dog breeds to do.  I think my next one will be a poodle.  But..which color should I do.  I'll probably end up doing a white one, black one and maybe apricot.  Now..standard, or toy?  I'd better get busy...

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