Monday, December 20, 2010

My Christmas Craft show experience

I have two craft shows under my belt now. And a lesson learned.  Winter Craft shows can be very "iffy".  Both shows were internal company shows.  That is, not public, but for company employees.  the first show was not advertized very well.  So not many people knew about it.  
The second show was better.  But the weather didn't cooperate.  Snow and ice shut down the city and the buyers.  So not many sales occurred. I got a lot of "I'll go get my money", or "I'll just look around and come back".  But I don't regret a thing. 
In preparing for the two shows, I got my inventory organized, made a new sign, and got everything packaged.  I'm now ready for any upcoming Craft show.  
And the people..I love the people.  I love talking to the customers and the crafters.  It's such a great thing to have in common...creativity.  I don't care if your craft is simple or silly.  To create something, put it on display for the public to judge, and then hope for sales.  That takes guts.  
I many not want a goofy bottle stopper or a piece of beaded jewelry, but I sure admire what it takes to get it there.  
I'll just say that I'm looking forward to Spring for more than just the sunshine.  People are happier, and the weather is great for craft fairs.  Customers are renewed and ready to shop. 
Spring Craft I come.   

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