Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thank you Star Trek

Last week my husband was "cruising" channels on tv.  He landed on an old Star Trek the Next Generation episode.  Now mind you, when we were dating, we used to gather round the tv room in his dorm and watch the original Star Trek. So, the "Next Generation" was never quite up to par with us.  But, I have to say, we watched it, and enjoyed it.  How can you not enjoy anything Star Trek!
I make Yellow, Red and Blue versions..even made bibs for a while.
The Red is by far the most popular!
I sold out of the bibs in a week!
Personally, I like the "Glitter" badge the best. I like anything that has glitter on it!
A couple of years ago, my niece wanted me to make a Star Trek themed onesie for a baby shower gift.  It was about that time a new Star Trek movie came out.  I did, and the rest is history, as far as my sales go. Even now, it's one of my best sellers.  I'll try to post some comments..

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