Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My first "Blog" Day

I've decided to start a blog. I already send out a daily email to all my family and friends. It's second nature to let them know, every morning, what I've been up to.
So, I thought..why not apply the same principle to my Rhoadworks store? I'd like to know what everyone out there thinks of my designs, ideas, and just the day to day processes of owning my own store. And believe me, I'd welcome any feedback.
And, to be quite frank, I'd like to show off my Rhoadworks store too. I've got some pretty cute stuff that I've designed. And I want everyone to see them and hopefully buy them.
It's important to me to do all I can to promote small businesses. I make a habit of using locally owned businesses, exterminators, electricians, etc., when I can. And maybe when someone needs cute, unique baby clothes, they'll think of Rhoadworks.

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