Saturday, July 17, 2010

What Designs to Keep..I Really Like Them All

How many is too many?  I come up with designs all the time.  I have over 90 on my web site ( right now.  And I still have designs I've never printed yet.  About the time I think "no one has ever bought this's time to remove it", someone ups and buy it!  So, I hate to let any of them go.  But who wants to wade through so many designs? 
Thankfully, Etsy allows my to have "Sections" on my site.  So I can at least group some of my designs together.  For example; Girls, Boys, etc.  I even have a section for personalized license plate, and Animal brother and sisters! 
Some of my cutest designs don't fall into any category.  They're just themselves.  Like "Mama's Milk Shack", or my long tongued "Frog". 
I've been familiar with my designs for years, but I have to remember that to my customers, they're all new.  So, I think I'll keep them all...

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