Sunday, November 28, 2010

Doesn't Anyone want to Cyber Shop?

Thanksgiving is over..No more cooking..and maybe your company is gone.  So..isn't it time you got on line and did some Christmas Cyber shopping? 
Since the media was pushing Black Friday and Cyber Monday..I decided to put a Cyber Weekend Sale on my site.  Free Shipping Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  But so far, no takers.  Maybe people are tired of being inside their houses and are out running the malls. 
But I have to feel like in the wee hours of the morning, or evening some  price savy shoppers will realize some savings are to be had on the computer.  Is Free Shipping not a big enough carrot these days??  Maybe we hear it too much.
Or maybe customers are waiting for businesses to dig deeper and really cut prices to the bone. Well, I'm not there yet.  Give me another week or so.

I donated garments and participated in a couple of events this past couple of weeks.  A few lucky people even won free oneses.  Free.  Have I heard from them yet??  No.  Aren't we still in a financial depression?  Are people too lazy to take advantage of a free gift that they could at least donate?  Maybe so.
I'll just have to be patient...
Until then I'll just continue to put new designs on Rhoadworks and hope for the best.  And I'm excited to start participating in Craft Shows.. more about that later.

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