Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo News

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I'm too busy and maybe slightly more careful to celebrate Cinco de Mayo the way I used to.  I do love Mexican food and Margaritas.  But, I'll have to wait till Saturday (Ciete?) to celebrate.  I will be a way for a Sister's Weekend.  We get together and just celebrate being sisters.  And since we all love to play slot machines, we throw a little of that in there too. 
Everyone should start early and set aside a day or two to celebrate relationships.  We all are used to Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.  But why not a Friends weekend, Brother's weekend, Honeymoon weekend, or Just the Kids weekend?  
I've had the best time lately painting my "Dogs".  Things are starting to move lately.  As I've shown my paintings to family and friends, they show them to other people.  Now I have a "commisson" to do a dog portrait for a couple.  Being paid to do something you enjoy so much?  How good is that!  Although, there is an added amount of pressure to make sure the painting looks exactly like fido, when you're getting paid.  
I have all my paintings copied into prints.  I've only sold one so far.  My goal is to present them in a an art show.  But the venue hasn't come up yet.  But, it will.  
Until then, I'll just keep on painting.  

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