Friday, March 14, 2014

Pink Problems

Red and White make Pink..Right?  Well, I'm finding out that it's not that easy.  My Personalized Batgirl design depends on the logos being nice and pink.  But I'm having problems finding the right Pink.  
I first did this design about two years ago.  No problems.  No complaints.  
Then I got my new computer, and printer.  A printer that uses different ink than I used to. These days,  I would say that at least 15% of my 'work' time is spent on adjusting colors.  
I thought I had it.  For several months I sold, printed and shipped out garments with  my Batgirl design. I got reviews and thank you's from my customers.  Then I got a review that crushed me.  (I take my reviews very seriously)  It said that my Pink looked more like Salmon.  I took a good look at it, did. 
So, I adjusted it down to a nice pinker Pink.  I changed all the Batgirl designs in my system to the new color.  All's well.  
Yesterday I got another disappointing review.  It said my Pink was more Lavender.  I know you can't please everyone all the time.  But I feel that I need to keep trying for that perfect Pink.  

This entry is not a confession, but more of a statement or declaration.  I'm going to try and please everyone.  Everyone that buys my Batgirl design, that is.  Wish me luck.    

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