Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Etsy Kids Welcomes Rhoadworks

I'm now part of a new group of artisans, Etsy Kids.  This group specializes in all things hand made for children and babies.  A perfect fit for me. 
One of the stores welcomed me into the group today  The store is called Kookie Critters.  If you need a great gift for a soon to be snaggle tooth child, this is the place to go.
Sherman The Tooth Fairy PillowThese little "critters" are adorable.  And they can be customize, too.
There several adorable designs to choose from.  Sherman (pictured) is just one.  Check them out at http://www.kookycritters.com.
I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon working on a couple of donation projects.  One is for Breast Cancer awareness (Giveaway for the Cure on Etsy Kids) and the other is a Yorkie rescue (www.fuzzybutts.com).  Both, very good causes. 
Here are two designs that were asked for by customers.  The Cockapoo I originally did in Black.  She asked for a Brown Cockapoo, and I love it.                       The Poop Happens is sold on a white onesie and the "Poop" is Black.  But to make it show up on the requested Brown onesie, I did it in a 'poopy' green.  Now I like it better than the original!  Thank you to all my imaginative customers!                                    

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  1. Thanks for the feature and welcome to the team! :)
    Love the "Poop Happens" Onesie!