Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another Day, Another Design

I haven't been very loyal to my own blog.  I keep forgetting to post!  I would hate to disappoint the curious public..ha ha. 
It's been several days, maybe weeks since I've written anything.  And in that time I've discovered a new toy.  A computerized drawing tablet.  It has allowed me to draw designs faster and better (I think) than with my little mouse. 
Since Halloween is looming, my thoughts have turned to those type of things.  I've done a Crow that I love.  But my problem little kids wear crows on their tee shirts?  I think it would look great.  But to add to the whimsy, I've created a cat filled with crows.  I love it.  Today I'll add it to my site.

I also added another dog to my  kennel of doggie designs.  A customer ordered a Chihuahua design, but had a picture of a Pug next to her name.  So, a Pug design was born.

Who knows what I'll come up with next.  My problem is that my designs are coming way faster than my sales.  I hope there are Moms and Dads that want their little ones to wear Spiders, and Crows on their onesies and tees this year. 

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